Purification and Sweat Lodge

The Purification Lodge is a Healing Lodge. As in all other Healing Ceremonies we prepare ourselves by setting our purpose, our intent.


A Sacred Pipe ceremony is held to prepare the lodge and ourselves. Rocks are heated in a Fire burning to the east of the lodge and brought into the Purification Lodge usually four times through out the ceremony. Water is poured on the rocks throughout the ceremony and the steam is part of the cleansing process. Being in the darkness of the lodge is like being within the womb of Mother Earth.

Within the lodge, we are guided to speak our intent for healing of Self, Others and the Planet, to face our truth supported by the acceptance and love of Great Spirit and those sweating together. We enter into a inner space of healing. Coming out of the sweat we are as children being born into the beauty and magnificence of life. This is a beautiful experience of connecting to Spirit and knowing a stronger connection to Great Spirit within each of us.

Sweats are held at various times throughout the year. If you have a specific request for a group or for your own healing needs please contact me.

There is no set schedule for sweats. If you wish to ask for a sweat to be held or find out if one is planned, please contact Ila.
If you wish to be on a mailing list for such information, please call 519 216-3115 or contact us by e-mail.