CHANGES FOR THE JUNE 18~21, 2020 Sacred Healing Fire, Celebration of the Summer Solstice, Celebration of Aboriginal Day ~ FIRE LODGE CLOSED TO COMMUNITY MEMBERS ~ Join us in Ceremony from your own homes


Even as we are opening to more connections within our community, we find ourselves and communities still needing to acknowledge the impact of COVID19 on community health and needing to act for the highest good of all.
We also realize our strong commitment to the burning of the Sacred Healing Fire and the strength of our collective power of prayer.

 These are the steps we will take and our prayer is that those who are not Fire keepers will hold the Sacred Healing Fire in your hearts and in your homes.

1. The Sacred Healing Fire will be closed to community members. ONLY Fire Keepers will be present as the Sacred Healing Fire burns in the Lodge.
2. We will post a Ceremony for all who wish to join with the energies of the Sacred Healing Fire.

Thank you for joining us in much needed ceremony for all.