Community Consultation and Facilitation

Would you like a new perspective on ?TEAM SPIRIT??


Do you want to bring fulfillment, abundance, participation and creativity to your business, organization or working group ?? and to everyone involved?

We all want our work to be meaningful and useful. We want to know that our energy is well spent, our ideas heard and out intelligence and creativity used. We want our businesses and organizations to thrive.

We want maximum gain for minimum input. We want to go home at the end of the day feeling we have done a good job and can rest..

How do we build strong businesses and organizations?

I would like to work with you to do that very thing. I would like to bring new and innovative ideas to you that will help you set the vision and planning to re-create your business and organization to be a place you and your employees are fully committed to and love to be a part of.

After years of community development work involving facilitation of group processes, visioning, project planning, evaluation, research, teaching, leading organizations, working on Boards, I have come to understand what builds strong organizations and businesses.

If you are interested in having me work with your group, please contact me

Have you heard of DRUMMING CIRCLES? Have you had the experience of drumming? This is a powerful way to build team spirit, get people working together, release creativity and have fun. If you would like this unique experience for your group, click here

Resume for Ila Sisson

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