Winter Sacred Healing Fire, the Coming Back of the Light at this Winter Solstice AND the Welcoming of the Age of Aquarius!!!

from Friday, December 18th, 2020 ~ 7:00am until

Closing Circle Monday, December 21st ~ 7:00pm

Solstice, Monday Dec 21st at 5:02 am

EVERYONE IS WELCOME to connect to the Fire in Spirit and celebrate in your Hearts and Homes.

Let us come together in Spirit to honour ourselves, our families,

our communities and our Sacred Mother Earth

The Sacred Healing Fire burns for 4 days and 3 nights. In this time of COVID the Sacred Healing Fire calls to us even more strongly and many people have a deep desire to be present with the Fire. Because of the limited space to follow COVID ‘rules’ we have made a collective decision as Fire Keepers to have only Fire Keepers present. There are great needs now in this time of COVID and great social changes that make it even more important to have us all grow the energy of the Fire inside us and to channel that healing, loving energy through our hearts and spirits out into the world. Every one’s commitment is needed now so PLEASE JOIN US IN YOUR HEARTS AND HOMES TO BE WITH THE SACRED HEALING FIRE AND TO SHARE THIS ENERGY WITH ALL UPON OUR SACRED MOTHER EARTH AND UNDER OUR SACRED FATHER SKY.

Our story …. The energy of the Sacred Healing Fire at Willowgreen Farm was kindled under the leadership and teachings of Grandfather Patrick Sagutch and built in May 1989 at Willow Green Farm. The Sacred Healing Fire was rekindled in a beautiful community built lodge at glamorum in September of 2003. This Sacred Healing Fire embraces many paths, all in the Light. All People are invited to share their wisdom, teachings and ceremonies with us at the Sacred Healing Fire.

Connect with the healing power and beauty of the Sacred Land and Water that are the container for this gift from Spirit. Our intent for healing, peace and balance is strengthened by the power of the Sacred Healing Fire and by speaking and sharing our intent with others. Together we bring healing for our Selves, Others and Mother Earth.

PLEASE join us in you Hearts and Homes when the Opening Ceremony begins at 7:00 a.m. on Friday the 18th with the lighting of the

Fire. PLEASE light your own Candle or Fire so Together with the Sacred Healing Fire, the Fire Keepers and each other, we strengthen our intentions and prayers. There will be a sunrise and sunset ceremony each day at 7:00am and 7:00 pm. Every and any time we focus on joining together we go deeper into the mystery and magic of the Sacred Healing Fire and the healing and loving powers of our combined commitments.

The Solstice time is Monday, December21st at 5:02 am and we will be drumming the Returning of the Sun in the early morning starting at 4:45 am. There will be Solstice Celebration in the morning and the evening ceremonies on Monday the 21st at 7:00 p.m. We ask you to Feast the Sacred Healing Fire after the Closing Ceremony to express gratitude, abundance and joy to the Fire, those of the Spirit world who join us and each other.

WHERE? The Sacred Healing Fire usually burns on the land at glamorum. Because of our caring for each other and our commitment to physical distancing, only Fire Keepers will be at the Fire. We ask you once again to connect to the Sacred Healing Fire and bring its energy into your Hearts and Homes. Join us with your own Fire and Light ceremonies at the 7 am and 7 pm ceremonies as they are happening in the Fire Lodge.

For more information, call Ila’s cell 519 216-3115

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