Sacred Healing Journeys

spiritual-1149187_1920Our being is majestically expansive.
What awaits us when we move freely and courageously into the hidden aspects of our Selves?

There is incredible, unharnessed potential that asks to be awakened, sometimes deep fears that need the light of truth shone upon them. In the Sacred Healing Journey, I work with Spirit to guide and support you to meet your intent and to be fully open to the wonders and gifts of this inner journey.? The journey takes about three hours.? We begin by creating a sacred container for our work with Spirit. We do introductory work to clarify your intent, clear away distractions, express appreciation to your body as it hold the wisdom you seek, find where that wisdom is hidden and move into the journey through the wisdom of the body. Your work is to trust your body mind and your Higher Self, knowing that the teachings, the healing and the gifts brought by Spirit will move you forward on your journey of self awareness and self realization.

Take a journey deep into Self.? There you will find gifts from your Higher Self, from your connection to Spirit.? Each journey brings what you need for your higher purpose, to meet the intent that you set.? Experience opportunities are expansive and unique to you.? You will certainly learn more about the spirit being that you are.


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Sacred Beauty