Spiritual Life Coaching

shy-863056__340There comes a time when life circumstances, trauma, illness, divine inspiration, unhappiness, touch us in a way that makes us question our sanity, how we are living our lives and what we want out of life.

When we reach that awareness we sometimes realize that we need support from outside our selves to deal with it.
It?s hard to seek support when we live in a society that does not openly value emotional, mental or spiritual growth. We are taught to hide our feelings or to put up with situations. Tough situations, negative feelings are opportunities to heal, to break through the barriers that keep us in ruts and in negativity.

The approach through Circle of Change is to work with our feelings and situations to understand the truth within. Although truth can be frightening, it is liberating. It gives us a starting place. With compassion for self and guidance we can begin to put aside what does not serve us and build what strengthens us and makes our spirit and our life vibrant again.

Spiritual Life Coaching consists of, interacting with another person whose role it is to be a guide, a positive mirror, a facilitator, an inspiration, to bring new perspectives, to challenge old beliefs, to encourage new patterns of thinking, feeling, acting ?. This is useful. Find the courage to open up to your Self and your inner knowing. Call and find out if this inner work is for you.

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