Bowen Therapy

What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen is a subtle and powerful healing modality that supports the body to heal at a deep cellular level. Not only does Bowen work on the painful parts of the body, it also works on the whole to enhance cleansing and clearing of body toxins, better blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and nervous system functioning. It is done with a series of small, gentle Bowen moves over strategic spots in the body. There are three general relaxation moves the balance the whole body, allow the body to repair many of its complaints and serve as prerequisites for other moves that support healing in specific areas of the body.

Bowen works best when we are involved in our own healing. When healing messages are given to the body, we then need to support the body in its healing. Simple exercises are taught that keep the body supple and continue the healing process at home.

My involvement with Bowen began personally on a business trip to Australia. I was in desperate pain with back spasms and the only person we could find who would touch this fresh and extreme pain was a Bowen practitioner. I was astounded by how I was able to relax and how quickly the pain level decreased. When I discovered Bowen again in Canada I was quick to become a student and practitioner myself.

Many aspects of Bowen called to me.
It is a subtle yet powerful modality that requires only gentle touch.
It supports the body to relax at a deep cellular level and to use its own natural healing abilities
It invites you to be much more aware of how your body speaks to you and how you can support your body in its own healing.

How can Bowen Technique Help You?

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Conditions that can be Helped with Bowen Therapy

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Thank you Ossie and Elaine for your teachings

Thank you Ossie and Elaine for your Teachings

Bowen – Testimonials

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