World Water Day Celebration – March 20, 2019 4 pm (for March 22)


For this World Water Day we are inviting you to share in Ceremony to honour, thank and pray together for the waters of our Sacred Mother Earth. Part of our Ceremony will be a Water Walk at glamorum.  We will also be honouring our Beautiful Water Walker Grandmother Josephine Mandamin who passed on February 22nd. We are saddened by her passing and  give thanks for the great gift she is to all and honour her soul’s journey She began walking around the Great Lakes in 2003 laying down tobacco and prayers for all the creeks and rivers and lakes, continuing to 2017 and last September she joined the water walkers on the Grand River walk.

We will be honouring the waters at our 4 pm Water  Ceremony and the Evening Sacred Healing Fire Ceremony.


  1. Prepare and awaken Self for ceremony with water, moon energy and the naturally occurring balance of the Equinox energy. You may want to use the 10 min Ocean Water recording gifted by the ocean and called The Song of Life for your preparation.  Sorry I can’t add it here. If you would like to have it write to me at
  2. Bring blue scarf or one that connects you to water energy to wave and honour water on our walk.
  3. Listen to and learn if you choose the Water Song. We will be chanting this song as we do our Water Walk from the creek at the lodge around the pond. Please come warmly dressed.
  4. Thank you Kathy for the link and lyrics to the Water Song. The lyrics and phonetics are here.
  5. Nibi Nagamowin: The Water Song
  6. Nibi, Gizaagi’igo(Nibi, Gee-zaw-gay-i-go)
    Water, we love youGimiigwechiwenimigo
    We thank you

            We respect you

  7. Directions for The Sacred Healing Fire. On the land at glamorum, 633206 Highway 10. Mono which is just north of  Orangeville. From the south: 401 to 410, 410 onto Highway 10 / Hurontario (the last exit). Come north through Caledon Village, through Orangeville, to just north of the First Street stop light on Hwy 10, on the west side of Hwy 10 across from the used car dealership. Look for the yellow sign for “glamorum”.

    For more information, call: Ila at: (519) 216-3115 Email: