September Full Moon Women’s Circle Monday, September 24, 2018 7:00 pm


Hello to all

Welcome to all.This Clan Mother gives us a beautiful invitation to be the Keeper of Dreams and Goals. Where do we stand as guardians of our children, grandchildren and those to come?

See you at glamorum.

Loving you


ps we need women to host for November. Please let me know.

September Full Moon Women’s Circle

Monday, September 24, 2018  7:00 pm


Setting Sun Woman is The Keeper of Tomorrow’s Dreams and Goals

The Guardian of the Needs of the Next Seven Generations,

The Mother of the Proper Use of Will/Will to Survive/Will Power

The Keeper of Mother Earth’s Resource sand the Guardian of Preservation


How to preserve and use our resources without wasting anything

How to prepare for tomorrow by planning today/ Making and meeting goals

How to show concern, dependability, and compassion through the ways we live

How to properly use our wills, using our intents to provide for future generations


                                                                                  The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Just being is our greatest gift to our Selves, Mother Earth and her Children.

How do we honour our Selves and our Truth

How do we honour our Mother Earth?

Things to bring:

  • a piece of beauty for the dream mesa,
  • drum, shaker or music maker,
  • food for a snack,
  • songs, poems, art, dance to honour our talents and our beauty
  • any teaching or dreams that you feel are meant for the Circle
  • our friends

NOTE: We may be outside so dress WARMLY any kind of weather! Remember warm boots and a blanket. Bring a chair and a flashlight.


Direction to Ila’s: On the land at glamorum, 633206 Highway 10 which is just north of Orangeville. From the south 410 onto Highway 10 / Hurontario. Come north through Caledon Village, through Orangeville, just north of the First Street exit. The GPS takes you much too far north. Look for 2 signs – the yellow sign for “glamorum” with a water lily below and the Collective Health Clinic above.

For more information, call Ila’s cell 519 216-3115

Email: Web: