June Full Moon Women’s Circle Wednesday, June 27, 2018 7:00 p.m.

June Full Moon Women’s Circle

Wednesday, June 27, 2018  7:00 p.m.


Storyteller is The Guardian of the Medicine Stories

The Keeper of Heyokah Medicine and Humor,

The Teacher who Teaches Without Pointing a Finger

The Preserver of Speaker from Personal Experience and Truth


How to teach through telling stories that contain lessons

How to balance the sacredness with irreverence/using humor creatively

How to speak from our experience without judging others or being self righteous

How to be a student in life as well as the teacher, preserving the wisdom gained


                                                                   The 13 Original Clan Mothers

Just being is our greatest gift to our Selves, Mother Earth and her Children.

                     How do we honour our Selves and our Truth?

                                      How do we honour our Mother Earth?

Things to bring for the Circle and feasting:

– a piece of beauty for the dream mesa, drum, shaker or music maker,

– food for a snack,

– a STORY, song, poem, art, dance to honour our talents and our beauty

– any teaching or dreams that you feel are meant for the Circle

– our friends

– NOTE: We plan to be outside in the gracious company of a Grandmother Willow so clothes, insect spray etc for outdoors AND A CHAIR

Directions: We are Kathy Reid’s home at 83 Kennedy Rd. Cheltenham, Ont. L7C 2M7 

NOTE!!! This is the Kennedy Rd. that runs east off Creditview Rd. (Just north of Roots by the River salon), south of Boston Mills Rd. and north of King.  You can only go east off Creditview Rd.  (it’s not the same Kennedy Rd. that runs north and south through Brampton.)Call Kathy at or Ila’s cell 519 216-3115 Email: ila@circleofchange.ca Web: www.circleofchange.ca

NOTE:SACRED HEALING FIRE Opening Wed June 20 to Closing Sat June 23 More info to follow. PLEASE COME AND PLANT YOUR ENERGY.