Message for the Sacred Healing Fire and Winter Solstice Celebrations 2017

Sacred Healing Fire and Winter Solstice Celebrations 2017

Sweet Sisters and Brothers, we come to you yet again with a simple message about simple living.

Yours are complicated living times and we recognize the very rapid changes and challenging forces that keep you from your Spirit Selves. When all around seems difficult, bleak, out of control, one can easily forget one’s true nature. That true nature is Spirit, Divine Spark, Divine Essence.

When we are guided by that Essence, that inner divining rod, inner compass, we must then trust where the guidance would lead us.

When we are true to our inner knowing and allow our Selves be guided by the highest good for all, we are bound for a path of honouring of and gratitude for all life. We see the unseeable and know the unknowable.

What is basic and important for all upon Mother Earth? What is urgent and essential to honour and protect? What truly feeds joy among us? Please ask these questions of your Self and each other.

Be with the Essence of the Sacred Healing Fire and feel the living connection with other such Healing Fires upon the Mother, within our Galaxy and in the Cosmos.

Know the force that holds us all together as a living, breathing Being of Light. We must be the critical mass whose choice it its to turn to the Light and to show our inner flame, our light in the world.

There is so much talk of this. This is the time of action. How can we, each of us, be this force of change, this shining in the world that invites others to also be the Light of Change? Why else are we present here and now?

We are loving you and your commitment to each other. We support you in your Earth Walk Journey and have sent many helpers. You need only ask.

From your Circle on the other side of the veil

glamorum through Ila Dawn Star Woman